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Virtually all foods can create intolerances and allergies.

There are two main factors that can unleash:

• a generic predisposition linked to the genotype (the inheritance of that person), which sees the sensitivity of leukocytes to the lectins of that particular type of nutrient;

• taking too frequently, without intervals of that food. Eg. people eating pasta and bread every day, in abundance, or those who eat tomatoes all year round, or those who take large quantities of milk ...

Allergies are always preceded by one or more intolerances, which create the inflammatory state. It is impossible to reduce or eliminate allergies without identifying what are the food intolerances that are upstream of the allergic phenomenon.

Food allergies are quite rare, unlike intolerances.

• milk and dairy products;
• eggs;
• peanuts;
• fish and shellfish conchigliati;
• soy;
• wheat;
• nuts and oilseeds different.  

How we deal with intolerances / allergies:

• Identify substances of intolerance
• Eliminating them from your diet for a sufficient time
• retrain the body to tolerate substances without severe reactions  

How to identify the substances that create intolerances / allergies:

• Withdrawal (best with a fast). Followed by:
• controlled and repeated provocation distance
• examinations conventional hospital
• examinations unconventional
• energy (vega and derivatives, according to Voll and electroagopuntura DRIA TEST)
• cytotoxic  

As elimination reaction intolerances / allergies:

Fasting on water only for a few days. It is the most effective and rapid, with few contraindications

Or a diet low allergens for an appropriate time:  

  • Rice or quinoa tolerated and vegetables (beets, zucchini, pumpkin, turkey, lean beef, etc.).
  • Abolition complete with:

• wheat
• dairy
• yeast
• fish
• eggs
• oleaginous fruits
• food additives  

How to retrain the body as a result of intolerances / allergies:

It is not always possible to accept the body, after a period of abstinence, substances that had unleashed strong immune responses. But in many cases you can, but remember that foods that have caused intolerance substances remain "suspicious" to be reintroduced gradually be consumed (for ever) so infrequent and limited. How to proceed?
After a sufficient period of rest, shorter intolerance, much longer for allergies you can try to re-introduce small amounts (eg. 60 gr. Pasta or half a pizza, for those who had intolerance to wheat) of foods which has proved intolerant once a week, with these modes:

one per group of foods. For group are food related. (Ex: in the group of wheat there is grain kamut, spelled and other grains like. In the group of beans there are also other legumes, etc. ..)

no more than two different groups of food a week, two to three days interval.

It is likely that there is some small reaction to food is normal, the body must get used. But if the reactions were stronger when we come back to eat the food we take smaller amounts and possibly more delayed in time. It is advisable to agree with the nutritionist / doctor a detailed plan of reintroduction. Do not underestimate this phase of therapy, which is more important than the period of abstinence from nutrients which led intolerance / allergy. Accelerate too much at this stage has led many to underestimate or failure of any therapy for exiting from allergies, creating mistrust.

Supplements for Weight Control

Supplements for Promoting Metabolism