Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and has several properties:

1. has a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective

2. strengthens the immune system

3. promotes brain stimulation

4. increases the volume of muscle cells

5. promotes recovery after training

6. stimulates growth hormone

7. has antioxidant properties

But look closely, the properties of glutamine:

1. in ammonia detoxification, detoxifying and regulating the pH in blood and urine. The liver removes toxic substances from the blood, such as ammonia, and subsequently degrades or transforms them into compounds less harmful to the body. Glutamine is a real transports t hours of amino groups, non-toxic, which can cross cell membranes. Glutamine enters the bloodstream and reaches the liver. Within the mitochondria hepatic glutamine free its amino group which is converted to NH4 + (toxic to the cells of the body and in particular to the brain) In the liver the NH4 + is incorporated in the molecule non-toxic urea. The urea produced by the liver is transported through the blood to the kidneys for excretion.

2. immune in the activity, where it has a role in supporting energy in the cells multiply rapidly as lymphocytes and macrophages. 

3. in the brain, where it plays a stimulating activity. Glutamine is able to penetrate the blood-transmissible falica and enter the brain where it is converted to glutamate, the most important and widespread neurotrasm ettitore excitatory central nervous system. Glutamine is also a precursor of GABA, a neurotransmitter that has inhibitory effects on nerve transmission.

4. in the increased volume of muscle cells favoring the entry of water into the cells,  c inoa am ides and other substances. This activity, according to some researchers, stimulate protein synthesis,promoting an increase in muscle mass. 

5. recovery after exercise: some studies show a role for glutamimina in promoting the development of muscle glycogen stores during recovery, probably due to the increased entry of water into the cells.

6. in the stimulation of growth hormone secretion, if taken in conditions of low levels of glucose, glutamine appears to stimulate GH secretion. To optimize this action glutamine should be taken at bedtime.   

7. antioxidant action: it intervenes in the formation of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant exogenous consisting of glycine, cysteine ​​and glutamic acid. The latter can be derived from glutamine to the sale of ammonium ion.

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