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Each food, like any living being, as well as having a calorific value also has an electromagnetic power (vibrational). Through scientific equipment is possible to measure the amount of electromagnetic waves of foods

Among the reactions that define the essential conditions of a living environment, the most important is the acid / base balance. In our body this relationship should always remain constant. The acid / base balance is measured in terms of pH.

  • ACIDS, when the pH is between 0 and 7.06;
  • NEUTRAL, when the pH is equal to 7.07;
  • BASIC or ALKALI, when the pH is comprised between 7.08 and 14.14.

In an optimal diet, you should therefore consider the effect of the acid / base balance of foods, because it affects the welfare of cells:

Dr. Wilson enumerates four ways in which a poor diet may interfere with the proper functioning of cells:

1. Inability to provide proper nourishment to the cells, both for the oxidation processes that for the creation of new cells;

2. Creation of excessive acidity, which interferes with the oxidative processes of the cells;

3. Inability to create the acidity sufficient to create the potential difference necessary to allow the flow of energy along the nerves of the body;

4. Excessive intake of foods that can hinder the movement of fluids in the body. If the fluids do not circulate freely nutrients can not reach the cells in the correct quantity and there will not even be a proper waste disposal due to their activities.

All these factors create a malnutrition cell, which is the only factor, according to Dr. Wilson, which is the basis of many diseases, especially chronic ones.

Source: Procaduceo

Antioxidant Supplements

Supplements Vitamins