SUPER 100% WHEY Smooth Chocolate 2kg


  • NamedSport
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€ 94,59


00% Carbery® Milk Whey Concentrate Protein.
100% pure whey protein, Carbery® Carbelac 80.
The Milk Whey Protein has an amino acid composition similar to that of human muscle and contains all the essential amino acids (EAA-essential amino acids), as well as a high content of branched chain amino acids (BCAA). The integration of milk-containing Sieroproteins is beneficial for the effective maintenance of muscle mass, as these are naturally composed of short-chain amino acid peptides (oligopeptides, polypeptides), which are quicker to be absorbed than the larger and complex protein molecules.

The formulation of Super 100% Whey has also been enriched, with Group B Vitamins that help to combat tiredness and fatigue, and with the exclusive formulation, patented Named 4 Protein Matrix, based on Protease, Fenugreek extract and Bovine colostrum.