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The success of the French diet is based on nourishing ingredients and the celebration of food as ritual. Below 15 French secret to living longer and healthier , by Mirelle Guiliano .

1 . Eating consciously 

Eating consciously increases satiety , digestion and pleasure, reducing calorie intake , stress hormones and weight gain . The French culture encourages responsible consumption of each meal, even snacks. This is one of the most important factors in health according to the French .

We are able to digest only when the nervous system is the parasympathetic mode . When we are stressed , we eat on the run, eat in front of the TV or in a hurry , we can not digest food properly because we are in the parasympathetic mode . Undigested food mean we feel dissatisfied and experience a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating and gas.

The French see food as a ritual , accompanied by a glass of wine with family or friends , talking or laughing. By eating slowly , to get a better digestion and feel satisfied without exceeding the food.  

2 . Know and accept the price of food quality

The Americans and many residents of Western nations prefer poor quality food . Sure, it costs less , but end up spending more on health care and medications in subsequent years. Instead it is important to invest in healthy food to avoid that the costs of the disease in the future.

Choose quality food , even though they cost more. Prepare healthy food at home , using and enhancing nutrients.  

3 . Going to the market

The French attend their local markets several times a week. This has two important factors that are vital for health: local food and seasonal products .

By buying at the market you have fresh and unprocessed foods , mostly local and seasonal produce. The French do not buy tomatoes in the dead of winter , because they know that only in the summer tomatoes are accrued on site. The salmon is a seasonal food in France, because the French prefer fresh fish to the breeding or frozen.

4 . The French do not eat foods present in the TV spot

How many foods in your pantry and you can see in a TV commercial ? A cardinal rule of healthy eating is: " Do not eat any food that has a TV commercial trade ." The food is more nutritious than non- advertised , without chemicals and preservatives .

5 . Preferring quality over quantity

Americans often prefer quantity over quality when it comes to food . The French are choosing quality over quantity . Choose a single square of chocolate excellent, rather than a bar of chocolate on the cheap.

6 . There is a sinfully delicious food

Mireille says in his book that the term " sinfully delicious " is an oxymoron ridiculous in French culture . The food is simply delicious and enjoy good food is a well-deserved pleasure. Eat good quality food, without guilt .

7 . The French diet consists of animal organs

Americans and other Westerners heave the words " sweetbreads " or " liver pate ." Offal - organs including brain, liver, tripe , kidneys, heart and tongue - have a fundamental place in the modern and traditional French diet . The frettaglie provide key nutrients that are missing consuming only meat muscle . For example , we need B vitamins , which are present in the liver.

8 . The French diet is traditional

What is a " traditional diet " ? Dr. Weston Price, a dentist with a passion for nutrition, has traveled the world to discover the secrets of happy, healthy people . He recorded his findings in the 30s in a book whose theme is the nutrition and physical degeneration . By Inuit in Alaska to the Maori in New Zealand, Dr. Price has revealed that traditional diets for each culture follow a strict set of dietary rules appropriate for that population .
The modern French diet adheres to many of the traditional diet guidelines . Consider the modern diet compared to French French diet of 1800 or even 1600 you can find many points in common between the products of the season, artisan breads , local dairy products , and a lot of meat and offal .

If we compare instead the Western diet to that of the great-grandparents , there is a great contrast. We eat a lot of processed foods , chemically rich in preservatives, that our great-grandparents would not recognize . 

9 . The French eat a variety of foods

The French diet focuses on local and seasonal foods and includes a wide variety of ingredients . Instead of choosing between fresh or frozen green beans at the supermarket, choose trai five different types of beans at the market. Choose from hundreds of artisan cheeses to fromagerie and so on.

10 . The wine is an experience

The French do not drink just to drink . Sip a cocktail to kill time ? Consume beer in front of the TV? L ' horreur ! The wine they drink the French elevates the food and vice versa. A French meal is not complete without a glass of wine and a glass of wine is not complete without a proper combination of food. Alcohol is very, very rarely consumed in the absence of food.

11 . The French diet includes raw food

The French are masters of Yin and Yang cuisine : pay great attention to the balance between sweet and sour, soft and crunchy and hot and cold. In order to enjoy balanced combinations , choose a lot of fresh and raw. Raw foods , such as egg yolks ' raw egg in a salad dressing , which provide rich nutrients including enzymes important .

12 . The French are not obsessed with the scales

The rest of the world envies the French women their elegant shapes and sense of style. " How can you eat all that butter and drink all the wine and stay thin? "

Not being obsessed with calories and the scale. You do not need to step on the scale every morning. You can check their fitness by clothing, such as meter using a pair of tight pants , for example . If the pants are starting to be tight, it is appropriate to reduce sweets, or choose lighter meals for the next period.

13 . The French do not count calories

Counting calories has three negative effects:

De- emphasizes the quality
Falsely simplifies healthy eating
Promotes stress, no satiety

14 . The French eat a lot of good fats

The French paradox is used to describe how the French eat large amounts of saturated fat while staying healthy , with low rates of heart disease. The ' saturated fat intake of the French actually explains the health of the nation . Today we know that saturated fats are unhealthy : play a vital role in the health of the gallbladder , in hormonal balance , for detox and weight control .

15 . The French diet excludes foods that are affected

Americans and other western cultures jump on the bandwagon with enthusiasm foods " new and improved ." Why persevere with good old butter when you can buy a butter without calories , why eat eggs for breakfast when you can enjoy soy protein cereal ultra ? the French do not fall into the deception of the new foods artifacts. Why the ' art of cooking passed on from generation to generation , with the traditional preparation methods and the same foods that have nourished their ancestors .

Source: Worldhealth

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