Supplements that help control emotional eating

There is a hunger and starvation. We often eat not because it has really hungry, but because a strong emotion drives to eat.

In these cases there is a tendency to focus on foods high in fat and calories.

It is instant gratification but short-lived because the negative emotional state does not disappear.

Because of emotional eating is the decrease of serotonin, the hormone that relaxes, improves mood and controls the sense of satiety. The emotional eating can be powered from certain foods while other foods can increase it:

Foods that run the emotional eating

- A piece of dark chocolate
- Half a glass of milk
- Some almonds
- A banana

These foods all contain tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin.

Foods that induce emotional eating

- Coffee, it gives a boost of energy but increases the nervous tension and, even if not immediately after ingestion, causes a further attack of hunger;
- Chips and snacks, salty or spicy increases the appetite;
- Sweet rich in refined sugars, shortly after ingestion cause a sudden drop in sugar which leads to eat again.

Essential to overcome the emotional eating / emotional is admitting you have the problem.

It can be useful in this case to keep a journal and every time score:
-What do you eat

-When you eat
-Because we ate (motivation that led us to ...)
-That thoughts, emotions we have at that time or what happened to make us feel that way.

The aim of the journal is to become aware of their relationship with food. The second step is to learn techniques to manage their emotions without using food as an outlet. It is a path often not simple, which is useful for the support of specialists.


Supplements that help control emotional eating

Benesserlife - The Association Glutamine - Rhodiola, in fact, works by helping the brain especially in the centers of hunger and satiety through neuro-modulating action.

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