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On the occasion of the Milan Food Week, a week dedicated to wine, which involves numerous bars and restaurants of Milan, Antiaging Club chose to interview some chefs, sommeliers, restaurateurs, to discover the secrets of a cooking good and healthy.

We know that a lifestyle Antiaging is based on the interplay of several factors: proper nutrition, the practice of physical activity, integration with products specified according to individual requirements, the elimination of harmful habits (smoking, excessive alcohol , UV ...)

We want to focus our attention on the rules to follow to cook Antiaging. Or cooking quality food, in the right way, with attention to the taste but also for your health!

We therefore useful suggestions to two experts:

Silvano Ghezzi, Chef

Maximum Motola, Sommelier and Owner

La Pesa Trattoria, Milan

Silvano Ghezzi Chef of La Pesa Trattoria, Milan

Q: When choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, what precautions should we have?

A: What the fruit looks very straight, not too soft to the touch and the color is alive.

Q: Is the choice of meat and fish? How to recognize quality meat and fish?

A: The fish should appear iridescent color, the flesh firm and elastic and bright eyes, except with the transparent cornea. The meat should have the right aging: at least 6 days after slaughter, so the color does not look too bright, it should not look greasy, too much obvious sign of aging or even rotting meat.

Q: Are there alternatives for storing food which affect its quality?

A: The freezing process may lose some of the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Q: What are the most appropriate methods of cooking to preserve the nutritional properties offood?

A: The steam cooking, where the product is not in contact neither with the water, for this reason there are special furnaces,

Q: What are the best condiments to enhance the food and at the same time safeguarding thehealth?

A: The extra virgin olive oil, but do not let him reach high temperatures.

Q: A dish you feel good and healthy to advise (and that you can try at your restaurant)?

A: grilled meat seasoned salt and extra virgin olive oil raw.

The Sommelier: Maximum Motola

Q: Are there alternatives for storing wines which affect their quality?

A: Definitely! If the wines are capable of aging, should be preserved, or rather aged in the cellar where it may begin the process of aging, the devices are few, but decisive. The wine must remain lying down so as to facilitate a fair exchange of oxygen given by the cork, the wine should be as dark as possible, because the direct light bothers to due process of aging, temperature and humidity must be maintained the duration of maturation, with a difference between the warmer and colder days to a maximum of 4 degrees, relative humidity 70/80%, temperature 10-14 degrees.

Q: What wine abbineresti the dish recommended by the Chef?

A: There is a world of possibilities! The wine and food seem to have been created to live in harmony!Silvano recommend a grilled meat, and I will give you three choices ...

If it was chicken or turkey, I would see very well the whites with good acidity, but without major structures such as a Passerina Marche or a Vermentino from Elba.

If it was calves, would begin to move the structure more upward for a white wine ... maybe a nice Erbaluce or Lugana, or would pass to the type of young red Ruché.

If it was beef, here would enjoy it so! what we need is a good structure, a proper aging, and the names would be very many, nice Barbera, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese ... these are the grapes that we care!

Antiaging Club thanks La Pesa Trattoria for availability!

Want to try the cuisine of La Pesa Trattoria?

by Fantoni 26 - Milan

Tel 02.4035907

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Supplements for Weight Control

Supplements for Promoting Metabolism