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"Tumors Yes prevent starting from the table."
To reiterate, returning to a theme dear to him, is the oncologist Umberto Veronesi, a former Minister of Health and Scientific Director of the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan, speaking this morning at the series of meetings' Healthy Living 'all' University Sapienza of Rome.

Veronesi, numbers in hand, draws up a list of factors that pose a risk in terms tumors.
The lion's share belongs to Food "with 35%" of the dangers in initiating neoplasia. Following "tobacco (30%), viral infection (10%), reproductive factors (7%), employment and pollution (4% each)."

Poor diet, therefore, even more dangerous than smoking, always in the dock. "What we eat - says Veronesi, speaking to many students gathered in Aula Magna to listen to his words and those of other experts present appointment - is a key element in our lives. Feed means to choose, and this choice may be important to preserve us from many diseases, from cancer., 35% of these - stresses - is due to what we eat, but not more than 4% is due to pollution. "

That we send down to feed "can act undisturbed on our organs." Eye, therefore, to bad habits. Veronesi shows two slides that speak volumes, tracing the spread of colon cancer in the world. "You see - notes - this disease is rare in countries where you do not eat meat," as opposed to those in which this food rarely missing from the table. Fruits and vegetables, however, are foods "protection: the higher the consumption - remember the oncologist - more decreases the risk" of running into a tumor. Veronesi indicates that students present appointment Capitoline, which aims to inform activities and health education among young people, the foods you should choose to protect themselves from cancer.

Among these turmeric, "for example in this curry. Island of Okinawa, where turmeric is consumed daily - he says - there is a presence of centenarians in excess of 10-15% that of other countries in the world." Good habit, then bring to the table "blueberries and red grapes" understood as "wine, two glasses a day - remember the scientific director of the IEO - one for lunch and one in the evening, have a good protective effect." Space also "strawberries, green tea, garlic, cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes," because the fight against cancer is fought at the table and you should always keep in mind.

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Vitamin supplements