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Eat seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day reduces the risk of death over time by 42% compared to consumption of less than one serving , reports a new study UCL .

The researchers used the English Health Survey to study the eating habits of 65 226 people , representative of the UK population between 2001 and 2013 , and found that they were more servings of fruits and vegetables they ate , were less likely to die at any age and from any cause. Eat seven or more servings a day reduces the specific risks of death from cancer and heart disease by 25% and 31%, respectively . The research also showed that vegetables have health benefits significantly higher than the fruit .

This is the first study linking the consumption of fruits and vegetables with mortality in a representative sample of the population at the national level also the first to quantify the health benefits per serving and the first to identify the types of fruits and vegetables with the maximum benefit for your health.

Compared to eat less than one serving of fruits and vegetables , the risk of death from any cause was reduced by 14% by eating 1-3 servings , 29% for 3-5 servings , 5-7 servings for 36% and 42 % for seven or more servings . These figures take into account the following variables: sex, age , smoking , social class, body mass index , education , physical activity and alcohol intake .

The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , found that fresh vegetables were given the ' stronger protective effect , with each daily serving can reduce the overall risk of death by 16%. The salad , in particular, has contributed to a reduction in risk of 13 % per serving, while each portion of fresh fruit was associated with a reduced risk of 4%.

"We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, but the effect size is staggering ," said Dr. Oyebode Oyinlola of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health , lead author of the study by UCL " The clear message is that the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less likely it is to die. vegetables has a greater protective effect of fruit "

The results support the advice given to its inhabitants by the Australian Government in its guidelines: "2 +5", or two servings of fruit and five of vegetables a day.

"Our study shows that people who follow the rabbit of 2 + 5 servings daily will huge health benefits ," said Oyebode. " However, people should not feel daunted by such a large goal: 7 servings daily .
Whatever the starting point , it is always worth to eat more fruits and vegetables. In our study , even those who ate 1-3 servings had a significantly lower risk than those who do not consumed at all "

The researchers found no evidence of significant benefit from fruit juice and canned fruit. "Most of the canned fruit contains high levels of sugar and the same goes for fruit juices " explains Dr. Oyebode " The negative health impacts of sugar are well outweigh any benefits," 

Source: Worldhealth

Supplements Vitamins 

Supplements of Vitamin C