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Proverb says that you should not make any snack after dinner, if you want to lose weight. Now, this idea is supported by growing scientific evidence.

A new study conducted at the University of Adelaide in Australia will evaluate how important the timing of what you eat to set biological processes just to maintain an optimal metabolism and a healthy body weight.

"Studies on mice have shown that limit the time what you eat and not necessarily the content can lead to maintain a healthy metabolism," said Professor Leonie Heilbronn, who is leading the research.
"But how does it work in people? We are carrying out this study to see if the timing factor has an impact on health in humans."

Professor Heilbronn has recently published a review of studies relevant to his current research aims to expand these results, in particular to determine whether eating at night is harmful to health.

Many of the biological functions of our bodies show differences in activity between day and night: this disparity is called circadian rhythm, and operates a 24-hour cycle linked to sunlight.

When the system is out of alignment, our health can suffer here because we feel so bad when we jetlag.

As the cycles of sleep / wake, also metabolism may also have a circadian rhythm. "The fat cells, the liver ... work differently at night than during the day," explained Professor Heilbronn. In an ongoing study Professor Heilbronn is comparing three groups of subjects to study as time to eat can change your metabolism. "We will also be the time of food ingestion have correlation with diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides," said Professor Heilbronn.

Source: Worldhealth

Supplements of Vitamins