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We hear about it more and more often: the papaya and its properties.

Papaya is a plant belonging to the family of Caricacee and is also known by the nickname "tree melon" because of the oval shape that is reminiscent of melon.
But it is also called "fruit of the angels" by Caribbean people every day continues to draw vitality and youthfulness of this food. Vasco de Gama, with intuition, captured the essence of the properties owned by the papaya and called her "golden tree of eternal youth."

The papaya plant is now widespread in all tropical countries. The ideal climate for the growth of papaya is the hot and humid climate and because of that her bush is able to generate a lot of fruit in a short time.
Papaya is a fruit-looking yellow when ripe, green when unripe and anchors can reach a weight of 5 kg.

Papaya is a fruit containing several active ingredients with a high protective capacity against several forms of diseases and at the same time has excellent nutritional properties and contains vitamins, polyphenols, low fat, very low in calories and high in fiber.

Papaya contains a valuable enzyme, papeina, which behaves the same way as a gastric juice and therefore has a strong digestive power. For this reason it is a fruit that you can safely consume after a hearty lunch. In addition, the papaya is an excellent remedy for infections of the intestines and stomach problems.

The polyphenols contained in the buds of papaya have high antioxidant properties and are therefore able to slow down cellular aging, fight free radicals and anti-tumor function to perform.

Among other properties are those known diuretic and laxative, and immunostimulants, to strengthen the defenses of the immune system.

All papaya supplements