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The intake of high amounts of sugar damages the elasticity of the skin: an excess of sugar, in fact, contributes to the formation of AGEs , advanced glycation end products .

These toxins accelerate aging of the skin through processes such as: 1 ) increasing the over- oxidation of cells , 2) triggering inflammation, and 3) creating strong bonds between collagen fibers and elastin, thus limiting their elasticity .

While most people, especially women, avoid sweets for weight reasons, not everyone knows that there is a strong link between excess sugar and aging.
What you eat is not the only factor to influence aging, but also how to cook the food. Temperatures that are too dry Altee cooking ( grill , microwave) create many more AGEs than moist cooking methods , such as boiling , marinating , etc. ...

The British researchers examined blood samples from more than 1,100 women (aged between 18 and 76 years) and found that obese subjects had a biological age of nine years older than their leaner peers, against an increase in the 7.4 years for smokers to long course.

"We know that obesity increases the risk of many diseases and early death , but not limited to: excess fat accelerates the aging process," says study author Dr. Tim Spector of St. Thomas Hospital in London.
Dr. Bruce Ames, a molecular geneticist celebrated internationally for his pioneering work on the link between nutrition and DNA integrity, is famous for its " Triage Theory " of nutrition : in it claims that the nutritional deficiencies can accelerate ' aging , forcing the body to sacrifice long DNA repair in favor of the immediate needs of the body.

Fruits and vegetables are the best defense against excess weight and aging. Fruits and vegetables, preferably in season, are rich sources of vitamins and nutrients that act as "armor" for DNA , or DNA damage protect and provide for the repair of the same .

Source: New You Magazine

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