Supplements of Vitamin C

Many different types of molecules
must be present in the body of individuals and animals so that their health is good.
Some of these molecules may be synthesized by the body, others can not be synthesized and must be ingested in the form of food (or supplements).


Numerous studies have shown that, if the substance is widely available in the environment in the form of food, it is advantageous for the species rid of the weight of the mechanism that operates the synthesis.

In these conditions, the mutant gradually replaces its original type. A mutation resulting in the loss of the ability to synthesize an enzyme is not a rare event, while the reverse mutation, that which involves the acquisition of the ability to produce the enzyme, it is very difficult and is very rare.

Once a species has lost the ability to synthesize a substance, it depends for its existence, the chance of being in the food available in the environment.

The case of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C):

The fact that the majority of animal species has not lost the ability to independently produce ascorbic acid, complaint that the amount of ascorbic acid generally present in the food is not sufficient to furnish the optimal dose. Only in a particular environment, in which the available food provided unusually amount of ascorbic acid, the circumstances have enabled a species of animals lose their ability to synthesize this substance. They found themselves in these circumstances the progenitors of man and other primates.

In 1965, Irwin Stone noted that, while most animals can synthesize ascorbic acid, humans and other primates placed under review, including the rhesus monkey, the monkey caudate Formosa and the brown capuchin, not know how to synthesize the substance and require as vitamin statements. He came to the conclusion that the loss of the ability to synthesize ascorbic acid probably occurred between the common ancestors of these primates. A rough estimate could be traced back to the period when this change took place about twenty-five million years ago (Zuckerkandl and Pauling, 1962).

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Supplements of Vitamin C