Supplements for Weight Control

Drink 500 ml of water 30 minutes before a meal can help the goals of weight management, among men and overweight women.

Regular exercise and proper diet are key elements for effective weight management.

Helen Parretti, a researcher at the University of Birmingham (UK), and colleagues enrolled 84 obese adults in a study in which subjects drank 500 ml of tap water 30 minutes before a main meal or no pre-meal drink ( but they were asked to imagine that they have a full stomach before the main meal). Each subject was given weighed at baseline and after 2 weeks.

Study participants who drank water before meals lost on average 1.3 kg more than participants in the control group. In addition, those who drank water before all three main meals of the day have reported a loss of 4.3 kg for 12 weeks; those who drank only once before meals, or not at all, lost an average of 0.8 kg.

The study's authors argue that their data are "preliminary evidence that drinking water before meals leads to a moderate weight loss."

Source: Worldhealth

Supplements for Weight Control