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Blueberries are rich foods multiple properties: it promotes heart health, improved memory and digestion, but also improve night vision.

Some researchers have examined carefully the latter properties of blueberries: the ability to promote better vision in the dark. Their report was published in the 'Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry.
Wilhelmina Kalt and colleagues noted that the studies published decades ago, suggesting the ability of cranberry to improve night vision. Later, some laboratory experiments seemed to validate these early results. Anthocyanins, purplish molecules present in blueberries and other plants, encourage the regeneration of key molecules in the eye, involved in perceiving light.

The team Kalt has wanted to revisit the issue with a new series of experiments designed with care.

The researchers found that it is not correct to say that a diet of blueberry-supplemented improves eyesight in the dark, but it is fair to say that it helped the subjects to recover normal vision after exposure to a bright light. The improvement, in particular, was less perceptible in healthy people without sight problems, compared to people with visual impairments.

The researchers concluded that anthocyanins may improve the visual health among people who have eye problems exist, in particular the perception of bright light.

Source: Worldhealth

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