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The evidence in support of the health benefits of chocolate continues to grow!

In the past it was thought that the polyphenols in cocoa had only a positive role in the creation of its flavor and aroma. Recently, studies have been conducted on their antioxidant potential benefits and possible effects on human health.

A study done at the University of Barcelona has examined the impact of the other polyphenols epicatechin and cocoa extract on human colon. These show that the polyphenols may help the cells of the human body to resist free radical damage, it is thought that these play a role in reducing the risk of several chronic diseases that plague the world's population, such as heart disease and cancer.

.Instead all Italian research has shown that and getting the proper amount of consumption of dark chocolate: 6.7 grams a day is the right amount to consume to get all the benefits of the special or extra dark chocolate, or a square two or three times per week.

The results of the research, conducted by the University Catholic of Campobasso in collaboration with the Institute of Milan tumors have been published in the Journal of Nutrition and showed, after conducting experiments on a sample of nearly 5000 people, as the consumption of right daily amount of dark chocolate lowers the level of C-reactive protein, which is a marker for measuring the state of health of the arteries.

The reduction of the marker results in a reduction of approximately 30% for women and 25% for men of getting cardiovascular disease. The beneficial effect of chocolate reside in the antioxidant properties of cocoa, in particular epicatechin, a flavonoid able to relax blood vessels and increase the total antioxidant capacity of the blood and reduce the oxidative damage of lipids.

The beneficial effect of chocolate is reduced, however, if:

- Chocolate is milk: studies conducted have shown that cocoa polyphenols bind to milk proteins reduce the effect against free radicals.

- If you exceed in quantity: the benefits disappear because of the high calorie and fat content in chocolate for himself.

See all supplements antioxidants