Supplements for promoting the Metabolism

The acid-base balance is the situation in which they are found all living organisms and is the result of a series of physical and chemical reactions influenced by external and internal factors. It is a mechanism of biological compensation, which involves all living systems and that allows the system to maintain constant the body's vital functions.

"The metabolism of the sleeping man is different from that of man awake" (Besson): that is to say that the pace-acidosis alkalosis is cyclic

During the day you physically active, you feed, dominates the conscious activity. This activity athletic wears, acidifies the body. It can be said that during the day the matrix, ie the plot in which they are localized our cells, accumulates acids.

During the night
the consciousness gives way to sleep and fast for at least 8 hours on average, so the matrix eliminates acids and tends all'alcalosi: "the body heals at night."

E 'then towards the matrix that the excess of acids is deflected so that the blood pH is maintained at a constant value. There is, therefore, in the course of the day, a tendency to acidosis tissue. This trend changes the structure of the matrix, that is imbibisce of acids. During the night, the liver, together with the kidneys, is activated to remove metabolic waste acids that have accumulated in the matrix, thanks to the action of enzymes which release acids into the blood stream, from which they are taken at the renal level, and finally so are excreted from the body (for this reason, the first morning urine is highly acidic).

If symptoms persist, a constant tendency to acidification tissue you are to have symptoms of fatigue, tendency to sweating, paleness, freddolosità, fatigue, halitosis, headaches, anxiety, osteoporosis, premature aging. Therefore counteract this condition is essential for the maintenance of an optimal psycho-physical state.

To promote detoxification of the body need to drink a lot, play a sound and regular physical activity, stressful combat conditions, stimulate the elimination of acids, supplement the diet with alkalizing products (based, for example, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium), improve your diet, cutting down on foods that form acids and increasing those forming bases.

Examples of foods forming bases and therefore useful in counteracting the tissue acidification: spinach, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, bananas, zucchini, apples, kiwi, oranges.On the contrary are more acidifying sausages, some dairy products (parmesan, mozzarella), legumes, rice, dried fruit. Often it is therefore difficult to drastically reduce the intake of food acidulants, hence the importance of a strong increase of those alkalizing so as to balance them.

Thus, for example, to counteract osteoporosis is especially necessary to limit the intake of protein and not, as often is the case, with indiscriminate intake of calcium, especially through the contribution of cheeses dall'elevatissimo power instead acidifying and then with a final effect exactly opposite to the objective propostosi.

Supplements for promoting the Metabolism